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Volumes clearly short for the whites, but a wonderful quality

- 9th of October 2017 -

The new barrels cellar

In Rully we have begun harvesting on Monday 4th of September.
For the whites, the volumes are low because of a very low juice yield.
But the quality is here: very good potential alcohol and great acidities so an excellent balance.
For the reds, it is a very good vintage with both quantity and quality. The wines were drawn off after 3 weeks of maceration/fermentation.
We could compare this vintage to 1999's reds in terms of balance and volume.

In Chablis, we have harvested from Monday 11th of September with an optimum maturity. We had to wait enough in order to reach a very good content of sugar but not too much
in order to keep a good level of acidity.
Regarding the quantity, it is unfortunately at the same level than in 2016. We have had no miracle on the frosted parcels... On the "safe" parcels, the frost also had a
consequence with a very uneven flowering. The flower abortion has also been more intense because of the very high temperatures during this period.
And, to complete the picture, we had again few days very hot at the end of August; this has literally emptied the berries.
At the end, the skins and the pulps were very thick with a very low juice yield.
Regarding the quality, the balance is excellent and a big vintage is announced.

So we have lived once again a very short year in Chablis and, to a smaller extent, on the white Rully's, which is difficult for the whole team.
As the work done in the vineyard throughout the year remains the same, difficult and demanding, it is very frustrating for all of us not to reap the fruits of our labour.
Hopefully, the situation was better for the red Rully's and the global quality for this vintage is at a very high level!



Devastating spring frosts this year again in Chablis

-  24th of April 2017 -

As in 2016, the beginning of the season is very difficult. Last week, we have had several nights of frost. The damages are already significant, at least equivalent to last year. And the forecasts for the coming days are quite pessimistic. Fortunately, we have a very active support from the kids. They are now on Eastern vacation and they have helped us several nights last week. Many thanks to our brave assistants!


We have used candles we had on stock for more than 10 ans. Unfortunately, there are all consumed now and it is almost impossible to find new ones. So, on a lot of domains in Chablis, everyone tries to protect his vines as they can with what they have: straw, wood,... In case of strong frosts, it is probably not very efficient but the few tenth winned certainly allow to save few buds.

On our parcels without protection,  the losses are still difficult to estimate but should be between 40 to 100%. On the parcels with a protection by spraying water or by candles -around 20% of the domain-, for the moment we have limited the damages with a loss around 20%.


2017... here we go!

- 7th of April 2017 -

The temperatures, very mild if not summery in the afternoon sometimes, have led to an early and quick beginning of the growth season. The stage first spread leaves is now visible in most of the parcels. That makes 2017 one of the earliest year within the last 10 years.
We have 8 to 10 days of advance compared to 2016. Of course, it is the beginning of an intense concern period: the vine has now reached a sensitive stage but the risks of frost are far from over.

With the favourable weather, we have made the first ploughing in excellent conditions, killing a maximum of weeds and aerating the soil.
The first spraying of 500P (bouse de corne) was made these days to re-energize the soils at the end of the winter.
A spray with horsetail is set on the coming days. At this time, this plant is used as a preventive measure against mildiou.

In the cellar, the malo lactic is finished, and the 2016's are becoming refined. They are tasty and well structured. We are now preparing the first cuvées for the bottling.

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